Step By Step Facebook Ads
Course To Generate Real Estate Motivated Seller Leads 
with a bonus RVM course! & Much more!
What You'll Learn:
How To Create Facebook Lead Form Ads & Generate Leads
I'll show you exactly what I do to generate 5, 10, 15+ MOTIVATED seller leads WEEKLY! Doesn't matter if you've never used Facebook ads before either! This course is newbie proof! You'll get everything you need to run a successful campaign. From what ad copy works the best to when to kill your ad! All step by step.
Automate Your Response Process
Facebook is very cumbersome with how you receive your data when someone fills out your form. I will show you exactly how to automate the process so when someone fills out your ad it goes straight to your phone so you can follow up immediately!
Maximize Your Marketing Budget
The beauty of Facebook is how much it costs to implement. Ill show you how I generate tons of leads for $35-$50 dollars a day! I also show you how to test the waters starting out with a $25 dollar a day budget to test your ads!
Plus Some Bonuses!
All Contracts & Documents We Use!
 You will be able to download all the contracts and documents we currently use in our business! From a purchase and sell agreement with all the right information and clauses to protect yourself and the seller, to a letter of intent or even a JV partnership contract! 
Re-Targeting Tactics
I'll show you how to maximize every campaign by re-targeting sellers who clicked on your ad but did not fill out your form!
& Much More!
From all the forms and contracts I use to even a  BONUS course on RVMs! Which will include the actual RVMs I use, what companies I do business with, how to follow up, how to maximize every list, what lists work best, and much more! ALL step by step!

A Little Bit About Me..

My name is Fritz Joseph and I am a real estate investor based out of Philly! I've been using Facebook Ads for years with my drop-shipping business so when I started to get involved in the wholesaling real estate game about a year and a half ago naturally I opted to use Facebook to get leads as well. After tons of trial and error and tons of YouTube videos and courses I finally figured out a winning setup. You can find me on Facebook as Fritz Joseph and I am frequently dropping gems on various real estate groups on Facebook such as Wholesaling Houses Elite and Wholesaling Houses Full Time. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me! And just like my tactics give me value (30+ leads a month easy as a 2 person team!) I am sure it will give you tons of value as well.
What You Get With My Facebook Lead Form Ads Course:
  • How To Create A Facebook Business Page
  • How To Create Facebook Lead Form Ads
  • How To Target Your Audience Properly and Deal With The Special Ad Category Changes
  • How To Properly Test Ads
  • How Much To Spend On Ads
  • How To Automate Lead Form Ad Submissions (How To Set Up Podio & Zappier)
  • How To Follow Up With Sellers
  • How To Edit or Kill Under-performing Ads
  • How To Implement Simple Re-targeting Technics 
  • & Much More!
What You Get With My RVM Course:

  •  What RVM Providers Are Best
  •  How To Set Up RVM
  •  How To Set Up Number For RVM 
  •  How Your RVM Should Sound
  •  How To Record Your RVM The Simple Way
  •  How Tor Target Your List 3 Times To Maximize Your Return
  •  What Lists Work Best For RVM
  •  How To Skip Trace & Who To Use To Skip Trace Your Lists
  •  How To Follow Up With Seller & Be Prepared
  •  Organize Your Leads
  •  You'll Even Get a Copy of All The RVM Audio Files We Use So You Can Duplicate It In Your Market!
  •  & Much More!
  • All Contracts & Docs I Use
  •  Property Repair Sheets
  •  Offer Calculators
  •  3 Offer Template
  •  & Much More!

Minimal Spending With Huge Rewards!

I'll show you exactly how to keep your cost per lead super low while raking in leads with major profit potential! 

Learn To Deploy Ads That Actually Work!

We run a two person team so sometimes we have to turn off or hold off on putting out new ads because we want to be able to be able to follow up properly! Since we also do RVM we get so many leads sometimes its hard to keep up! You can learn exactly our process and inherit the same problem! Lol Who doesn't like too many leads? 

Facebook WORKS! Don't miss out and learn how to maximize your profits using Facebook Marketing! See some of my results and some of my students results below!

Enroll Today & Start Using Facebook Marketing & RVM To Their Full Potential! 
Your Details:

LIMITED TIME OFFER - $850: Need help setting up your Facebook Ads set up and need help creating a action plan that works? Book a private consultation and I will set up your Facebook page, implement a performing campaign and provide you with a action plan specifically tailored for your business based on the information I receive from you. I basically set you up for success and monitor your results with you! This a limited offer so sign up today! Slots fill up quickly!

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